Download Riscue for Windows

Riscue for Windows can be downloaded here. Run the installer and choose Riscue from the "Start"-menu.

System requirements:


All use of Riscue is subject to the Riscue license agreement. Moreover, no user support is currently offered. Use the software at your own risk! When you download Riscue, you get a fully functional version which you can use for free for noncommercial purposes. The program is limited so that you cannot run simulations on models with more than 2000 nodes. In order to use Riscue for commercial projects or with larger models, you need to purchase a full commercial license. You will then receive a valid license number which you can enter into the program using the Riscue menu command:

Window>Enter user code...

As soon as this is done, the sizes of the models will be restricted only by the amount of RAM in your computer. Please contact the webmaster for more information.